Human bones and muscles develop most actively at a young age, so the younger the child, the greater the damage caused by asymmetric exercise. Little is known about the negative effects of scooters on a child's physique, as scooters have been on the market relatively recently. A child while riding a scooter usually kicks with only the left or only the right foot repeatedly. Thus, they create intense asymmetric physical activity that affects the developing musculoskeletal system.

On behalf of ENABLIUM MB, Lithuanian Sports University conducted an analysis of the scientific literature in August 2021. No articles were found investigating the effects of asymmetric movements on the developing body of a child. Presumably, children usually do not experience active asymmetric physical activity other than riding a scooter, so studies on the harmful effects of vigorous asymmetric movements on developing organisms have not yet been conducted.

Scooter makers need to be vigilant as orthopedists, pediatricians and PE teachers are getting more and more interested in this public issue. They are particularly concerned about the potential harm to younger children physiology. Working with engineers and orthopedists, we have found a way to encourage young children to change legs on a regular basis while riding a scooter. We have described and registered the invention in an international patent application.

ENABLIUM MB is working  with scientists  to thoroughly investigate the damage caused by intensely asymmetrical physical activity to the development of the human body and actively disseminate this issue to  society around the world. One of our goals is to warn parents about this threat and encourage them to pay attention to their children's health.

In November 2021, ENABLIUM MB was funded by the European Union's Structural Fund to develop a prototype device that mitigates the damage caused by asymmetric physical motion. For cautious parents, this device allows easy and convenient control of a child's physical activity by ensuring balanced (symmetrical) physical activity. Rapid market introduction would bring significant benefits to the global community in raising its healthy members.

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